New York natives Susan Stahman and Howard S. Berger formed the Los Angeles based PalmDoorFilms in 2003. Their inaugural project was the feature-length documentary A LIFE IN THE DEATH OF JOE MEEK. Together, they have also produced, shot and edited “behind the scenes” shows for MTV including several of the highest rated episodes of the popular “Makes A Video” series featuring Hip-Hop superstars Kanye West, Lil Jon, E-40, Ying Yang Twins, Sean Paul, John Legend and Lil Wayne, as well as many record company EPKs and promo videos.

Susan (Producer/Director/Editor) was a Writer and Producer of Emmy award-winning television programs at American Movie Classics and E! Networks. She has worked in the Publicity and Marketing Department at the American Cinematheque in Hollywood and also served as a Programmer for their Alternative Screen series. Currently, she is a Video Producer and Editor at Getty Images in Los Angeles.

Howard (Producer/Director/Editor) is the Co-Writer/Director of the award-winning cult feature “Original Sins”. He won the Best Screenplay award at the 2001 Dances With Films festival for the script “Love and Support”, the basis for the feature comedy of the same name. He has produced, directed, moderated and edited audio commentary and supplementary video featurettes for DVDs on the Arrow Video, Image and Synapse labels. Aside from his film/TV production duties, Howard currently curates the popular cinema website Destructible Man ( He is also host to a web series version of Destructible Man and is developing a feature length documentary of the project, as well.

Dave King (Producer) spent many years in the comic book and publishing industry as a writer and cartoonist, working with Warner Bros., Marvel Comics and assorted newspapers and magazines, before moving into animation. As an animation director, scriptwriter and storyboard artist, he has worked with many studios including Cartoon Network, MTV, Passion Pictures, Cosgrove Hall and the BBC. He is Creative Director/Producer at Raindog Studios, which he co-founded with seven other directors, as well as an Associate Professor on the animation course at Volda University College in Norway. Dave was brought on board as a producer after becoming involved in raising funds through the film’s Kickstarter campaign.

Russell Frazier (Graphics Animator) has created feature film & documentary titles and graphics, television show opens, visual effects, promo graphics, and DVD menus for numerous clients, including Disney, Warner Bros. and Miramax. He has also been a visual effects compositor on over a dozen feature films. He is Senior Designer at AlphaDogs, Inc. in Burbank, CA.