On August 17th, 2012

(the 50th anniversary of the UK release of Meek’s groundbreaking single, TELSTAR), we began our first fundraiser on KICKSTARTER – an internet crowd-funding platform where passionate, personal projects can be funded by people who believe these projects can make a difference – individuals who share the same hopes and dreams as the creators. Well, 60 days and 412 backers later, we managed to meet our initial goal and be introduced to some incredible people who truly believe in Joe, our project and mission.

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Okay, with roughly 5% of the edit remaining here’s what else we’re looking at in order to get this baby ready for its adult life:

  • try to obtain several more interviews with some of the harder-to-snag personalities connected to the Meek story, such as Ritchie Blackmore, David Bowie and Rod Stewart
  • finish the fine cut and assemble the DVD extras
- license all photos and music tracks for global release (additional tracks may have to be cleared for the DVD extras and for a potential soundtrack CD)
  • color and contrast correction
  • graphics
  • sound mix
  • international language subtitling
  • festival entry fees/deliverables
  • event coordination
  • theatrical booking agent
  • publicist
  • distribution consultant
  • theatrical/DVD/online digital deliverables
  • all legal fees and insurances
- etc., etc., etc…

Whew! Right? See what we’re in for? Well, the difference is that we’ve gone the first long leg of this adventure alone… We’ve maxxed out our credit cards, sold our own cars and other personal possessions to finance this film… But we can’t go it alone any longer.

5f2d141d5fcbb9747f5fe9987fddad95_largeWe also have a specific vision of how we’d like our project to get around. We dream of keeping distribution intimate and as grass roots as possible. We love establishing a dialog with fans of Joe’s work and the film itself. We’ve seen this film play great with a live audience in 4 different countries and love the energy afterwards when we get to talk with them. We’ve also made great friends with many of the people we’ve met at previous work-in-progress events.

Long story short: we desperately don’t want A LIFE IN THE DEATH OF JOE MEEK to disappear into a cold, dispassionate catalog of thousands of other titles of purely commercial product. We’ve strived to put heart and soul into this production and we don’t want it compromised just to have it see the light of day.

So, even though Kickstarter was a success,

we still had to give a percentage of the funding to both Kickstarter and in addition to several thousand dollars needed for the production and shipping of backers incentives. What money remaining was enough for us to pursue a few of the items on our list, but hardly all.

It’s glaringly apparent that our fundraising days have only just begun… For information on our next crucial crowd-funding event – please click here.