Big thanks to our 2016 Kickstarter “first responders” (!!!) and a dedication…
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December 17, 2016
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Big thanks to our 2016 Kickstarter “first responders” (!!!) and a dedication…

Tremendous thanks to our first group of backers for helping get this 2016 fundraiser off the ground! Don’t forget to brag about your donation and spread the word of the Kickstarter through your social media. You’d be surprised at how many people you know may be just as passionate, curious, committed as you are in the well-being of this project. It can’t succeed without your continued assistance and we appreciate every single gesture.



It is with great emotion that Susan and I dedicate our 2016 A LIFE IN THE DEATH OF JOE MEEK Kickstarter campaign to two extremely bright stars in the Joe Meek universe that, sadly, have only recently passed away: Adrian Kerridge and Dave Adams.

Underling engineer and producer Kerridge was brought over by Joe to his and Denis Preston’s newly-formed Lansdowne Studio when Meek made the move from IBC. Adrian later took over as General Manager and senior engineer upon Joe’s departure as well as being a key creative force behind The Dave Clark 5 and their “Tottenham Sound”.

Dave Adams, songwriter, performer (as Burr Bailey, Silas Dooley and, of course, the second half of Joy & Dave) was also Joe’s right-hand man for many years (including participating in the creation of Joe’s signature tune, TELSTAR).

No underselling their importance to this story. Both these individuals were great friends to this documentary. We hope that a solid success with this fundraiser by December 30th, 2016 could help pay tribute to their considerable generosity to the production and their unique contributions to pop music history.

– Howard


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