David John R.I.P. (1946 – 2013)
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March 12, 2013
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David John R.I.P. (1946 – 2013)

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of David John Smith of David John and the Mood.

David John and the Mood (Pete Atkinson, John Brierley, David John (blonde, center), Peter Illingworth & Fred Isherwood) photo © Peter Illingworth

David John and the Mood — Pete Atkinson, John Brierley, David John (blonde, center), Peter Illingworth & Fred Isherwood — photo © Peter Illingworth

We’ll be posting our personal reminiscence of David in a couple of days, but we thought it best to let recording artist and good friend of David, Robb Shenton (who broke the news to us), give his thoughts on this terrible loss. Our deepest condolences go out to his lovely wife, Sue, and great friend and former bandmate, Peter Illingworth, at this difficult time.


David John & The Mood

 ”So sad to hear the passing of David John ‘Miffy’ on March 3 2013.

David John & The Mood – one of the most influential and finest bands to come out of Preston in the 1960’s, their brand of Rhythm and Blues enjoyed a substantial and loyal fan following way beyond the reaches of their base in the North West, and ensured packed venues wherever they played.

They supported the Rolling Stones on tour, as well as many ‘Big Names’ of the time, but played to packed venues as ‘Headliners’ themselves.

The Mood were a great and skilled band of musicians – and fronted by David John made them extra special. They were hugely popular in their chosen genre of Blues music; although the life of the band was not long [Early 1964 to early 1966]., nevertheless the bands relative short life was heady, successful and popular.

David’s super stage charisma and unique vocal approach drew much critical acclaim from reviewers and fans alike, David and the band enjoyed a brief but exceptional and musically creative existence.

David John and The Mood made two fabulous singles [produced by Joe Meek at HIS 304 Holloway Road Studios], “Bring It To Jerome” on Parlophone March 1965 – with the Stonkin’ B’ Side ‘I Love To See You Strut’, and “Diggin’ For Gold” released July 1965. Their first single ‘You Pretty Thing’ released on Decca/Vocalion in May 1964 – but wasn’t a Joe Meek Production. David was a big fan of the work of Bo Diddley, which was reflected in the recorded and stage material of David John & The Mood.

Whatever the reason – and their are many views – why those super records, from a popular band of its time were not hits; yet it is reported this week – that copies of the two [Joe Meek recorded singles] are now changing hands this week – from £200 upwards. [some justice at last].

David’s great musicians in ‘The Mood’ created the setting for David to shine as a performer – they were – Peter Illingworth [Guitar] – Pete Atkinson [Guitar] – John Brierly [Bass] and Malcolm ‘Fred’ Isherwood [Drums]

I was a member of the pre-recording days of David John & The Mood – and was pleased to say that I knew him.

My sincere condolences to his widow Sue, family, friends and musical associates. There will be an abundance of tributes to David John, many that will be more eloquent and informative than mine., which I will look forward to seeing.

For my small tribute contribution.. – I shall do a piece on David John & The Mood [and play a track or two of their releases] when I guest on Dell Richardson’s ‘Good Rockin’ Tonight’ Programme on Radio Caroline on Tuesday 25th June – from 6pm.

Rest in Peace ‘Miffy’”

Robb Shenton.. March 2013

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  1. Nigel Wilson said on May 21, 2013

    Only found out tonight that David had passed, my recolections are from the kubi club Rochdale, there were some good bands that came to the club in the early sixties, including the Kinks. But whenever David john came it was a full house!. wish i could re live those days. R I P

  2. James Thomas (JT) said on August 1, 2014

    Just been watching the CLIVE KELLY story on UTUBE, and came across the obituary for David John, from David John and the Mood, one of the greatest front men you could have seen. The Kubi Club in Rochdale was, for a couple of years, the best all-nighter in the north of England…RIP David

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