Kim Pavey’s MEEKSVILLE Web Archive
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September 8, 2013
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Kim Pavey’s MEEKSVILLE Web Archive


When we were doing research on Meek in the mid-’90′s for a narrative script very loosely based on him, there were only two websites (now both long defunct) that painted a picture of Joe and his work with fine, delicate strokes.

tweb1aneonThe first was TelstarWeb by Hunter Peters, Shaun Brennan, Doug Moon and Kim Lowden (neé Pavey) and the other was MEEKSVILLE, a solo effort by Kim Pavey. We interviewed Kim in the same trip to upstate NY as we did Joy and Dave Adams back in 2004. It was during that time that we also thought it best to archive her site, simply for research purposes (back in 2004, there was still precious little written about Meek aside from John Repsch’s excellent bible “The Legendary Joe Meek” and Barry Cleveland’s equally essential “Joe Meek’s Bold Production Techniques”). Little did we know that the site would soon after go down and Kim herself would eventually lose the original files.

MeeksvilleSo it cheers us today to be able to re-post (with all the original photos, scans, etc.) Kim Pavey’s original MEEKSVILLE website!

We have chosen to re-publish these pages in serialized form – meaning, one section every so often – and the entire site should be up in no time (meaning, probably by mid-2014).

rgm jacket

Kim Pavey, circa 1993, decked out in her custom John Leyton motorcycle jacket.

To find the navigation system, just travel up to our menu bar at top and click on any of the “Meeksville” related buttons underneath “WHO IS JOE MEEK?” or click the links at the bottom of any of the “Meeksville” pages. These pages and links will multiply as the days go by.

So, infinite thanks to Kim for creating such a loving, thoughtful (and thought-provoking) website and for giving us courtesy to present it here for the next gen of Joe Meek fans to appreciate. Enjoy!







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