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December 19, 2013
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TELSTARWEB was the brainchild of hardcore Joe Meek fans Hunter Peters, Shaun Brennan and Kim Pavey with Doug Moon handling the media chores. For all historic purposes, it existed between 1996 and 1999 and was the first website completely, obsessively, lovingly devoted to Joe Meek and his seemingly never ending roster of artists, songs and sonic technical achievements.

This year we began republishing Kim Pavey’s offshoot website (created when TELSTARWEB ceased to function) MEEKSVILLE — it is our pleasure to announce that we’ve been given permission and courtesy to republish the material from the original site TELSTARWEB as well! What’s important about these pages? 1) These 2 sites were primarily where modern Joe Meek fans could find (constantly updated) facts about Meek in the 1990′s and 2) both of these sites are long off the internet and, luckily, the majority of the material was archived by Susan and myself when we began researching Meek in preparation for filming our documentary A LIFE IN THE DEATH OF JOE MEEK.

We are sure that some of this material may need to be revised, expanded, updated — for now, we are simply reprinting these pages as they originally appeared on their respective sites, unless otherwise noted. Please feel free to offer corrections, scans, commentary. TELSTARWEB and MEEKSVILLE were works-in-progress then and they remain so now. We appreciate and look forward to any and all additional information.

It is with great excitement to bring you this rare opportunity to explore the world of Meek the way we explored him, now, nearly 20 years ago.

You will be able to access the TELSTARWEB and MEEKSVILLE  articles from our Menu > Who Is Joe Meek? > TELSTARWEB or Menu > Who Is Joe Meek? > MEEKSVILLE, respectively.

Our first entry

is a revised, updated and expanded version of Frank M. Young’s excellent essay: “Everyone Has Got to Face It One Day…” – 
Joe Meek’s Songwriting Legacy. Many thanks to the author for his exceptional insights and efforts and we welcome him to OUR world of A LIFE IN THE DEATH OF JOE MEEK. We look forward to more work from Mr. Young in the future.


From the original splashpage for TELSTARWEB – the Joe Meek/RGM website:


Genius! Pioneer! Madman!

All these words have been used to describe the most enigmatic figure in British pop recording history.The greatest pop record producer of the sixties, and the very first British independent, whose influence is still heard in the music of today. From the ground breaking hits ‘Telstar’ , ‘Johnny Remember Me’, and ‘Have I the Right’ to the amazing technological innovations of ‘I Hear a New World’ Joe Meek redefined pop music recording with a pioneer spirit unmatched in music history. As a composer, producer, and groomer of stars Joe Meek took the British music industry by storm and turned it on it’s head. At times the most respected producer in the world, at other times the most hated, Joe’s life and legacy have inspired frenzied study since his death in 1967 on the suicide end of a murder/suicide and that fervour continues with  TelstarWeb: The Joe Meek Web Site.”  

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